In the past, countless solo artists have evolved from their already successful groups and branched out to enjoy success on their own. Michael Jackson made the transition several years ago, while artists such as Justin Timberlake have made the move more recently in the past decade.

As we head into 2012, Peetah Morgan, a native of Brooklyn, New York, is looking to be the next in line to achieve greatness on his own. For many years, Peetah’s distinctive voice has led his legendary family band, Morgan Heritage on some of the biggest anthems in modern roots reggae. Such hits as “Tell Me How Come”, “Don’t Haffi Dread”, “Best Friend”, “She’s Still Loving Me” and “Down By The River”, amongst others is what made the group a staple in the reggae community and the sibling band legendary all over the world.

Needless to say the solo transition for Peetah will surely feel odd, at least at first. Peetah explains that a call from Producer Salaam Remi back in 2009 got him and his brothers doing individual songs and the success of the solo song he did had him thinking of doing more solo projects. He realized doing some solo songs would give him the chance to do “something different” away from roots reggae songs his sibling band has belted out for years, making them a household name among fans in North America, The Caribbean, Europe, Africa and Asia. Peetah was born to make music. He is not only transitioning into a solo career, but he is also crossing over genres from reggae to R&B in order to showcase his versatility and musical prowess.

As a songwriter, Peetah’s smooth, charismatic lyrics and vocals will surely translate well in the R&B community. He says he listened to everything from the 1970s Soul of Stevie Wonder and Donny Hathaway to the New Jack Swing of Guy and Gangsta Rap of Dr. Dre while growing up. Peetah gets a chance to play out those influences on his first full-scale solo project he has embarked on. Peetah is no stranger to his new genre and will create new age, soulful R&B music appealing to both existing and new fans alike.

Most recently, Peetah Morgan has released new music featuring his new sound. Songs such as “Stay Getting High”, a positive, vibrant single about getting high off life from spending time with a significant other and “Let’s Do This” (featuring Alaine), a sexy love song R&B audiences will enjoy. His debut album, “T.U.T. (The Undeniable Truth)” is soon to be released. The album, featuring artists such as Alaine and producers such as Basement Beats and Vudu Spellz among others, is set to drop in the first quarter of 2012. Plans are also underway for a tour in the fall. Peetah says “I love the music, I live the music, I AM THE MUSIC”. Peetah is definitely ready to embark on his most ambitious venture to date.