Engaging Cannabis Edutainment Goes Down Both Days of Harvest Gala Nov. 21-22

Just because it’s a good ol’ fashioned smokeout doesn’t mean it’s going to be a lazy day :) We’ve got killer panels and speakers lined up to cover a wide range of cannabis-related topics on both Friday, Nov. 21, and Saturday, Nov. 22. All the panels and speakers will be in the main hall at the Mateel and you can see the schedule breakdown here

Friday is All About Cultivator Education

From 4 p.m - 7:15 p.m. on the first day of the Harvest Gala, it’s all about the cultivators! 

To help growers stay organic, a panel of ganjiers on organic cultivation will tackle some common problems and take questions from the crowd at 4 p.m. Kym Kemp’s recent article in the Lost Coast Outpost inspired the topic, as her article explored how cultivators who want to stay organic cope when problems like PM or mites take hold.

Light deprivation is such a popular cultivation method in the Emerald Triangle that we’re very excited to have Eric Brandstad from Forever Flowering Greenhouses coming to speak at 4:50 p.m. He’ll share his knowledge of light dep methods, automatic light dep setups and how to properly setup a greenhouse. 

There are many ways to grow your garden but where do you get the soil? The panel at 5:40 p.m. will explore Soil Building vs. Buying and will have a variety of experts on soil, probiotics, and microorganisms.

We’re very excited for the biggest panel of the day at 6:30 p.m. called The Current Dispensary Landscape and What Purchasers Want From Patients. Dispensary purchasers from around California and cultivators who work with dispensaries will talk about market trends and how providers can best work with dispensaries. Local dispensaries like HPRC will take part as will purchasers from Harborside Health Center and those from other dispensaries. 

Saturday Edutainment Looks to Present and Future of Cannabis

The second day of the Harvest Gala has even more to offer throughout the day from 1 p.m. to 7 p.m.. 

Do you know your 3rd and 4th amendment rights when you encounter the police? Kali Grech and the staff of Green Street Law Group in San Francisco will get you up to speed so you can better protect yourself. That presentation starts at 1 p.m. -- be sure not to miss it!

Cannabis tourism has exploded in states where recreational cannabis is allowed, and the Emerald Triangle could be poised to take advantage of this opportunity. From festivals like the Harvest Gala to tours through the countryside, there’s a lot to talk about but we’ll try to fit it all in an hour starting at 2 p.m.

If you’re involved in the cannabis industry now, you still need to track how much you made, spent and owe (not to mention paying taxes). Attorney E.D. Lerman and accountant Liana Held will get you up to speed on bookkeeping and accounting law related to your grow. That info will be presented at 3 p.m.

As the industry moves toward legitimization, inspection and testing are going to become key components. We’ve gathered soil experts from around the state to talk about when and why to get your plants tested and inspected. They’ll share their knowledge at 4 p.m.

To cap off the day, California Cannabis Voice Humboldt will hold a forum welcoming public input into the draft cannabis land-use ordinance currently being developed. The goal is to have an ordinance that approaches cannabis as agriculture. The two-hour panel starts at 5 p.m.

The panelists and speakers for both days are experts in their fields and the Harvest Gala is proud to have them as a part of the event. Don’t forget to get your tickets so you don’t miss this!